Tuesday, October 23, 2012

but most of all we had fun.

Hi Dee,
Here goes your grama again. This story is going to be about camping.
I worked eleven to seven at nite for about thirty years at the Watsonville hospital.  I had every other week end off --- Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Those are the weekends we went camping and deer hunting. I would get off work, get the kids off to school and then I would pack up for the weekend -    food and clothes for all. I think the kids could tell you dad and I always had a fight about where we were going to park. But after a while things settled down and we got unpacked. 
We never just had our kids but at least three more friends of the kids. It's good we had a van and seat belts were not required.
We found this place called Bagby on the Merced River. It was a beautiful place to fish, swim and camp and we all loved it. We have a small aluminum boat that John and the boys would put on top of the van plus a small gold dredge. We would go down river to fish and dredge and John would have to make two trips to get us all  there.  I would make a big lunch to take and we would day camp all day. We did get a few pieces of gold and lots of fish but most of all we had fun.
Now it's time for deer hunting. Both of my boys are deer hunters plus there dad so we always had deer in our freezer. I don't like deer meat but John and the boys did. I liked where we used to hunt. Both Bagby and our hunting campsite were great. We camped on this little stream that we even fished on and caught trout. Both of our campsites were about three hours from home and this one is known as the scout camp.
Here I go again almost forgetting what this story is about.  It's about my Meg and DeeDee and when a lot of us went to Bagby.  We were down by the river and there were a few pools of water - warm and shallow. The girls were having so much fun in the water. I think they each had a small raft and Dee fell off. To this day she swears she was drowning and no one was helping her. We kept telling her to put your feet down and you can stand up. I think I know a little of how she felt--- she was drowning and no one was helping her. Sorry dee!

Enough from this crazy old lady.    

Love you.

Mom, grama, and great


  1. My mom did the same thing to me when teaching me to swim. It's terrifying and then how embarrassing to realize you're in knee deep water. Love your stories!

  2. Love your story, and your comment about almost forgetting the story you wanted to tell. It happens to all of us.

    I too have a "drowning" story. I was 15, didn't swim, and was terrified of water. I was pressured into going rafting in the summer program I was in. At the first stop, I went to get off the raft and fell. I had a lifejacket on, but was swinging my arms and legs like a crazy girl. One of counselors reached in, grabbed my arm to make me stand. And yep, the water was at my knee level. My granddaughter loves hearing that story.

    Thanks for your wonderful stories.