Monday, October 1, 2012

did the black birds like John's red hair?

Hi Dee,
Well here goes another early morning and I think I'll tell you about my schools I went to.  We didn't have buses to ride, they were only for the kids who lived out of town. As a little girl school was a long way off but that was ok because along the way you would pick up your friends and that always made school closer. When you got there early you always had time to play for a while before the bell would ring. My favorite thing was the bars and here I go bragging again but I was good on those bars. They were so much fun! 
We also had this row of trees in our play yard and under those trees were our swings and if you didn't get to school early you never got a turn. I think playing for a while got your day started. The school I'm talking about was Radcliffe School and I was there from first grade to fifth grade. I had some great teachers and I really liked school. My next school was E.A. Hall from sixth grade to eighth grade and it was a long way off - at least a mile. 
I used to be teased a lot about John.  He always walked behind me going to school.  We had to go through the park on Main Street and did the black birds like john's red hair? They sure did! They didn't bother anyone else, only him. He had to go through the park with his books on his head. It was really funny at the time the way the birds dived bombed John and his red hair.
My next school was high school and a little closer to home. When John turned seventeen he dropped out of school and joined the Navy. I also quit school about three months from graduating and started working full time.  All through high school I worked after school and all day on Saturdays at
Woolworths - the money helped out at home. My mom and dad had three other children so now there were five of us. My youngest sister and I were ten years apart and then my two brothers - Arlene, Jimmy and Dannie.

I'm sure you will be hearing more about my family as long as I can keep blogging, but you know this old lady is old and tired. So enough for now.

Till next time, mom, grama, and great grama


  1. these are so much fun to read!

  2. I remember that red! Also remember giving dad a dye job when it started turning gray!