Thursday, October 18, 2012

We sure multiply as time goes by.

Hi Dee, 
Well here's your old grama back again.  This story is going to be about funny books (comic books)--very expensive funny books. 
When I went funny book shopping as a ten or twelve year old they were ten cent apiece. About every two weeks my mom would walk me down to the corner of First and Main Street where 
Palmtags drug store was located. There were racks and racks of funny books to choose from. If I had been good all week and did all my chores my mom would give me ten dimes and that meant I could buy ten funny books. Yes they were only ten cents each! After they were read, then the trading started. I had quite a few friends in the neighborhood and they also had books. I would pick out three or four and the trading started. After a few weeks my mom again would walk me to Palmtags drug for more comics.
A long time ago the streets were changed---what used to be First Street and Bridge Street were changed to Riverside Drive, so no more Palmtag drugstore. 
As a young girl I went to school with a Palmtag and there is still more around town. She had three sons, grandkids and great ones. We sure multiply as time goes by.  
Till  next time.     
Mom, grama,and great


  1. Ten dimes is a large amount of money. Thank you for sharing bits of your life. I so enjoy reading them. Blessings to you.