Monday, October 8, 2012

This has been a sad story maybe the next one will be happy.

 Today's blog is going to be about my mom and dad and a little about the life they lived. 
They came from Kansas and also lived in Missouri for awhile. My mom and her two sisters were living in a girls' home. Not because they did anything wrong - it was because of my Grama. She was a bad mother and couldn't handle all of her kids. The boys stayed with their dad. I think there were four of them. My Grama took off and left her kids. 
My dad went to the home to do some odd jobs and that was where he met my mom and later they married.  They had two boys that died shortly after.  They took off then and came to Watsonville.  My mom and dad were both hard workers. Dad found a job right away.  He had no schooling so he could not read or write but there was nothing he could not do! He built a house for two of his sisters, he was a good mechanic, made table and chairs for grandkids and I could keep going on and on! He was a very talented and smart man. When they moved to Watsonville they already had my sister Betty and three years later I came along. Ten years later my sister came along and then my two brothers. My dad was a good provider. My mom also worked part of the time.
When I got a little bigger my mom would take me downtown to buy school clothes. She pointed to a lady in the store and told me that was her mother. I couldn't understand because she wouldn't even talk to us! After we got home my mom tried to explain to me how her mom left her family years ago. She ended up  in Watsonville with three more children. To a little girl what kind of grama was that?
Now back to my mom and dad. They were good people and loved their kids and grandkids. Sorry but I still cry for my mom and the life she had before she got married and then when her mom moved so close by. But let me tell everyone she was the best mom ever.
I guess I need to tell a little about my dad. He worked in the mines.  When he was little his mom and dad had gone to town. When they got home my dad and his two brothers went out to help put the wagon away. It was storming and lightning.  My dad was holding the barn door open and his two brothers were coming in. About that time a bolt of lightning hit them. His brothers were both killed and my dad had burns across his chest. We were told that all the metal on there bodies was pulled off and the nails out of their shoes. My dad's father died of rabies - he was bit by a wild animal of some kind. There was no cure for rabies, and they had to tie him up in the yard to keep him from biting someone else. 
This has been a sad story maybe the next one will be happy. 
Enough from this tired old lady,   


  1. Well, she was a terrible Grama but you, mom, and my Grama D were the best!

  2. Im really enjoying your stories over here in the UK, thank you for sharing xxxx

  3. Thank you for sharing this sad part of your life. How wonderful that you love and appreciate your wonderful parents and doing an awesome job as a mother/grandmother! Keep the stories coming!