Friday, September 21, 2012

But this old lady is getting tired...

Hi dee, 
I guess I need to make some corrections on some of my other blogs, on some of them I say "grama" but I really mean "mom". My kids know my mom as Grama D who was loved by all and in her later years lived with me and  my sister on some weekends. 

I was the one with all the kids, I had four and many more along the way. One of those along the way was Robert, he spent every weekend with us and even went camping with us when we went. He went to school with my son Gary and became another brother. So John got busy and made triple bunk beds which fit great in our high ceiling bed rooms. Robert seemed to fit right in but before he finished school he joined the army. He had three sisters he was worried about and throught maybe the money he made would help them.

Now guess what? We had an empty bed, but not for long! We had a nephew who was from a broken home and was staying at his Grama Keith's a lot but mostly he was staying at our house. He was one year older than my son Mark. Mike fit right in and filled up that extra bed - they were like in the fifth or sixth grade so now the kids had another brother. I never had any big problems with any of them. 

We also had two nieces at different times come to live with us that became part of our family but the girls for only a short while.  We always had a house full of kids, but what else would you expect? We did finally buy an old school house. It really did need some fixing up. The boys learned a lot and so did the girls. I'm very proud of my family and what they all accomplished. 

We also had a grandson come to live with us when he was very young - he also was from a broken family. His dad was our son Mark. Their agreement was they would take turns and each have a day with him and pretty soon his mom would never get him so he was ours.  We raised him and he turned out a good boy. He is living in Panama City with a good job.
My goodness Dee, when I start talking about my kids I could go on and on! But this old lady is getting tired, just want you all to know I have four children - the oldest is a girl and also the youngest.    

Till next time,


  1. Love your stories...honest and heartfelt. Have a wonderful day.

  2. What a wonderful role model you are to spread so much love out to so many misplaced children as well as your own. Hugs to you.