Wednesday, September 12, 2012

it's not easy for an old lady.

A note from Erin: Thank you guys so much for encouraging my Grama on her blogging journey! This is such a gift for her family and we're all keeping our fingers crossed that she keeps it up. What a legacy! Also, in case anyone is confused, I'm "Dee". My family has always called me DeeDee or Deed. My Grama is the only one who calls me Dee and I love it.

Well here i go again with more stories. it's not easy for an old lady who doesn't know what she is doing! I just had one story and I have been working on it for about one hour and guess what? I pressed the wrong key and it was gone!
I am going to try again.

It was about one of the places I lived in when I was growing up. My dad worked for Resetar and Co and they leased out the Holohan Ranch which was a big apple orchard. One of the houses on ranch was empty so we were able to move in rent free because of dad's job. It was a very old house. I can remember one of the rooms being wallpapered in newspaper but when my folks got through it was nice and clean. 

After a while the big ranch house became empty and we moved again.  It was big and had two fireplaces. One other thing that impressed a little girl was the big porch which was the length of the house!  My dad was always handy - he could build or repair anything. One of the first on his list was a big swing on the porch and another one under the tank house for my little sister (we had a big water tank in our yard). I guess the old ranches all had water tanks.

Right next to the house was a big family orchard. It had every kind of fruit tree you can think of. All kinds of cherries, peaches, apricots and apples. I can remember my mother canning anything and everything she could - it all came in handy in the winter months. She would open a jar of peaches for a cobbler or cherries or apples for a pie - she was a good cook. I enjoyed helping her can. It was a lot of work but so rewarding to see all the fruit stacked on the table in their nice clean jars. My girls were never into canning but my granddaughters, yes. My speciaty was jams and jellies. If you got the fruit free it would only cost for the sugar. If you were a beginner it would cost for the jars but otherwise you would have jars from year to year and only need new caps and lids.

enough for now.      


*  I hope, Dee,  you don't have too much corrections to do since I don't  remember where commas or periods go  Thank are doing a good job .

Love you guys, grama


  1. Another enjoyable post. These remind me of my Nana and my Maw. So much fun to read!

  2. Very cool. i remember my Mom making jelly. I also remember when we make dewberry acid (a concentrated juice, that you diluted in the summer for a summer drink) one year, and something went wrong, and the jars exploded in the cabinet. What a mess!

  3. This is so neat! Love these stories. My mom canned her own fruit and tomatoes too. I think we all remember hauling the bushels and that's why none of us do it?

  4. It's so wonderful to read your stories for myself, but what a wonderful gift you are giving to your family! Priceless!