Tuesday, September 18, 2012

I don't like to brag but...

Well today is the day I tell you about skating and the old skating ring. It was called the civic autortorium and it was used for everything----wrestling, annual apple show where all the growers brought their apples to be judged (we used to be know as the apple capital of the world. 

Now back to skating. It was sort of a family thing. The ring was close - cross the street, through an alley and then a broken fence and guess what? We were then at the back of the autortorium where I spent a lot of my childhood. Grama always took us, she enjoyed watching us skate. I could skate backwards better than I could forward and we did all kinds of tricks. I don't like to brag but when you went to the ring two times a week and maybe once on the weekend you had to become good.

My dad while working for resetar his job was pulling ice as they called it. What he was doing was making ice to be used in train cars for shipping lettuce. They had trimmers and packers and my mom was a trimmer. There were three trimmers and one packer and they were packed into a crate and then loaded into a train car with the ice.the cold storage was used for the ice but it was never full so guess what? My sister Betty and I had our skating ring! My mom would bundle us up and away we would go. Dad worked about four blocks from home and at nite so we could only do this on weekends. What great fun and memories we had. 

Today I have to take Betty to the doctor so this is enough for now about skating. Maybe next time I'll tell you about the football games we used to play on the firehouse lawn right next to where we skated. We had no tv so we played a lot of outside games - football, hide and seek, kick the can, and tag - but we couldn't  do any of that unless all of our chores were done. 

By for now.  



  1. Thanks mom I love hearing your stories but I love you most of all.

  2. Love the stories!!