Sunday, September 16, 2012

what a treat for a little girl.

Well here I go again trying to figure out how to start this post but I do have my Dee to help me. 

One of the places I lived at was on Grove Street in Watsonville. Since I was born here that is where all my stories are. I went to Lindscot School for kindergarten and my sister went to the same school. She would walk me to school and then to my room. We all had to take a little rug for our naps or rest time. We also got a bottle of milk and two little wheat thin crackers (they were so good).  It seemed like such a long walk to school.

My mom and dad were always working but we were able to get into our house because my mom always hid a key for us and a couple of pennies or maybe a little more for an after school treat. We had a little store close by and had only one street to cross so we went there to spend our pennies. They always had a lot of candy to pick from - you got two pieces for a penny and my what a treat for a little girl!  

I would then go home and do my chores or anything my mom wanted me to do before she got home from work. She always started supper - we would help but our main job was the dishes. One of us would wash and one would dry. Then we would have homework and then bath time and if we still had time maybe we would play a game. I guess this is enough for now.  

Some of the things I will be telling you about is me learning to ride a bike and skating and playing football by the fire station with all the neighbor kids - all boys except me. I guess that tells you I was a tomboy.

 --- till next time, grama


  1. I love reading your stories mom! Keep'em coming!

  2. Yay, mom! Love these memories!

  3. I love how you say "it seemed like such a long walk to school". I too thought I walked so far. In recent years, I visited my hometown. When I saw how close the school was to where I lived, I had to laugh; TWO blocks!