Thursday, September 13, 2012

to blog or not to blog.

Hi Dee, I just through of another short story about canning jar or fruit jars.  
My mom was always canning something. Any kind of fruit anyone gave us she would put it in a jar and we would use it in the cold months of winter when fresh was not available. So we always needed jars. I remember going to the dump and they sold them for a nickel a jar. Of course they had to be sterilized because they were pretty dirty so my mom always had a big dishpan on the stove boiling. They did come out clean!

Now this is the good part  - it's about where the dump was. It was on Waker St. at the end where you go over the bridge covering the slough, on the right side of the road. It used to have a big old fence in front and it stunk of garbage and smoke. It was located right where the back of Ramsey Park is now and the tennis court is on the left.

My brother a while back asked me if I had any extra jars.  He told me his daughter had started to can. I hope she likes it, I sure did. I know my Erin Cobb  likes to make jam and jellies but now opening a new business she won't have time.  Dee this is your call to blog or not to blog.   Love you ------grama


  1. I remember gathering soda bottles to return to the store for the pennys! Mom, you and Grama were recyclers before it was called recycling! I know Grama made sure those jars were clean just like the rest of of her house!

  2. I remember by Grandparents making jams and bottling fruit. I remember walking carefully through the blackberry bushes over 40 years ago and being in horror at all the scratches and blood on my grandmother's legs (I was only about 6) and marvelled at why she wasn't crying ! And that was just before I fell into the nettles and cried myself.