Wednesday, September 26, 2012

"Dixie, catch!"

Well this old lady is at it again, just sitting in my recliner thinking of stories.

I used to live on First Street right across from our house was the old Sacodo house. It was a big two story house that belonged to a Japanese family and it was empty. My folks told me because of the war they were placed in a camp out of California. I didn't  understand any of it. I only knew that all the Japanese families had to leave and that was why the house was empty.

My husband's family lived in a small house behind the big one, my husband's father was working for them as a farmer, they asked him to please watch over the place for them. He did a good job keeping the place from being robbed or damaged and after the war they were able to come home.

My husband John was one of the Keith boys that lived across the street. He was from a big family - five boys and one girl. It seemed like back then most of the families were large. None of us missed TV because after dinner we had dishes, homework and our other chores and then maybe, just maybe, we could go out and play. Baseball, hide and seek, kick the can, tag and so many other games. One of our holdups was the Keith boys were slow and needed help with their chores. Guess how many times I went to help do their dishes so we could play for a little before dark?

This story happened when maybe John and I were about fourteen or fifteen...We had been playing football and it was starting to get dark so everyone was headed home. John was across the street with the football and I was on my front porch. John said, "Dixie, catch!" When he threw that ball it went right through my front room window and guess what? My dad was resting in that room! I went in the house and John went home to tell his folks what he had done.   Pretty soon there was a knock on the door - John had come back to apologize.  He told my dad he would pay for the window and was very sorry. My dad just said, "John you have to be more careful". We continued to play on the street but we all were more careful!

Boy does this old lady get sidetracked!  Someone told me a few days ago it looked like they were going to tear down the old Sacodo house. I havent  checked yet but I hope not. I have a lot of good memories from that neighborhood and maybe, just maybe, you might hear more.

I have been sitting in this recliner long enough. Time now to get busy on my list - first my shower and then whatever this old lady wants to do which doesn't amount to much. In my mind I have a big list of what I  want to do but my body won't let me do it.

So until next time.  Love you, 

Mom, grama and great grama


  1. I love it mom but I love this line the most...the Keith boys were slow and needed help!

  2. I think that maybe those boys were slow on purpose. ;)

  3. Your dad must have been pleases that you were marrying an honest, responsible man like John. That took courage to fess up to breaking the window.

  4. What great stories! Thank you for sharing with us. A simpler time - I sometimes wish my kiddos could have a glimpse of those days.